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Kris Berry

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Kris Berry

Kris Berry (1982) is a Dutch-Caribbean artist, singer and writer of songs. Her debut album Marbles represents the essence of the music she grew up with on the islands Curacao and St. Maarten. The thoughts and insights eternally spinning in her ‘mind’, – her ‘marbles’ – fell into place the day she decided to leave her once established career to follow her heart and become a singer and a musician.

It was quite a challenge for Ms. Berry to sing. She was surrounded by music on the island with enough family gatherings where she was expected to sing which she naturally as well as stubbornly refused. Kris listened to music. She immersed into country and all southern music, which she overheard from her grandmother Edith; Carib/Latin music by geography; traditional jazz by accident; Gospel in church and Cuban ‘Son’ and all the syncopated rhythms that came along with it; as her father’s true love.

Thanks to the opportunity to disclose her affection for singing and performing over a New Orleans style jazz band in 2009 alongside her full-time job, she decided one day to give music an honest try.

Still in search of her underlying truths and within the corporate world, she once again took a pen and wrote about her thoughts and feelings, and so the Kris Berry story started to unfold. By end of 2010 she must‘ve known she was up to something.

Only a couple of months in from recording her debut album which was released early twenty-twelve, Berry did shows in Amsterdam’s Paradiso as well as the prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival. An album collaboration with friend and producer Perquisite (Pete Philly & Perquisite) was released in the fall of 2013, Lovestruck Puzzles. The single Let Go was crowned 3FM Mega Hit followed by a nomination for Best Album. In 2014, Kris Berry did a major support tour with Miss Caro Emerald on an arena tour in the United Kingdom (among others the O2 Arena). Special releases were among others her single Perfect Storm which was immediately crowned Radio2 Top Song that year. This track was soon considered the starting point for a new direction: her currently released album titled Berry Street, recorded in Brooklyn New York.

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